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Danny and Hudson Inc. established in 1979, the world’s leading brand of specializing and manufacturing stationary of documents storage and presentation solutions. We have supplied and marketed in more than 80 worldwide countries and has great experiences working with more than 700 worldwide companies.  With more than 37 years full experiences, we have great accomplishments on Design & Innovation, Manufacturing Management, Quality Control, Marketing Strategies and Environment protection Intention, and our latest Automatic Machinery Technology. With our professions, we have hundreds of worldwide patents on our innovative products; developed more than 1000 variety products; 3000 kinds of polypropylene colors, 70 kinds of patterns. With our full experiences, we became the expert of saving the intelligence of people providing the best services for our customers. 

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Address:  No.12, 5th Road. Taichung Industrial Park 407
Tel: 886-4-23585880
Fax: 886-4-23588399 / 886-23586960